Rent an electric bike for several days

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Electric bikes available at eBike Slovenia. New models every year!

Haibike HardNine 6
Size: M, L and XL
Model: 2022 / NEW

Haibike Trekking 6 Trapez
Size: S, M, L and XL
Model: 2022 / NEW

Haibike Trekking 4 Lowstep
Size: S, M and L
Model: 2021/2022 / NEW

Whistle B-rush 5.1
Size: S, M, L and XL
Model: 2021/2022

Haibike hardnine 5
Size: M, L and XL
Model: 2021/2022

Haibike Sduro Hardnine 1.5
Size: L
Model: 2020

Haibike Hardfour 5
Size: XS
Model: 2021 / Children

Children's trailer
For 1 or 2 children
Price: 10.00 € / day

You can book city, mountain, full-suspension eBikes and kids eBikes. Price from 200€ for 5 days.

ENGINE TYPE Rental 5 days Rental 7 days
Mountain e-Bike 200€ 245€
Trekking e-Bike 200€ 245€
Full-suspension e-Bike 250€ 320€
Children's e-Bike 150€ 180€

Surcharge for 6 days of eBike rental:

  • 32,00€ for eBike with Active line engine.
  • 39,00€ for eBike with Performance engine.

To rent e-bikes for more than 7 days, send us an e-mail, call us, or visit us at our eBike center in Porotrož.

Rent an electric bike for several days

City, mountain, full-suspension and children's eBikes in Portorož.

Enjoying your vacation in Porotrož, Piran, on the Istrian coast and would like to spend time in nature in an active and still enjoyable way? Rent an e-bike with us for a day or more.

from 35 € for an eBike per a day

  Rent an e-bike for several days

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  Road assistance in the Istrian area

Complete service in the center of Portorož

We offer assistance throughout your eBiking experience with everything you need while eBiking.

  Assistence on the road


  Transport of eBikes

  More than just renting service

  eBike to rent and buy

Transport of eBikes to the accommodation unit

We offer you complete customer service free of charge in our area. To assure the highest quality of our service, please make a reservation in advance.

Ensure your eBike today

  Advance booking

   Piran, Strunjan, Lucija - for free

   The rest of Istra, Slovenija - with extra charge

  Multi-day rental

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  Knowledge of cycling

  Sports footwear